Professional support for the development of a strategy to protect geographical indications, designations, trademarks and intellectual property rights in the field of traditional food and wine production

Performance of prior art and novelty searches for registration assessments, and specific surveillance to identify and block possible misuse 

Experience in the relevant sector and ability to provide professional support in the protection of intellectual property rights to the promoting committee in the complex process of obtaining geographical indication recognition

The international protection of our agri-food and wine heritage is essential to combat unfair competition and the misleading use of "Italian sounding".

Italy has the highest number of protected designations of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indications (PGI) in Europe. Our traditional products must be protected both as a guarantee of origin for the consumer and to safeguard the entire production chain by adhering to specific production specifications.

Protecting designations of origin and geographical indications at the international level makes it possible to promote the excellence of our country and reduce the risk of counterfeiting or unfair competition by those who use “Italian-sounding” names in a deceptive manner.
The preciousness of our agri-food and wine heritage and of the companies working in these sectors requires specific tools and strategies to protect our products, their origin and reputation.

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What’s the difference between PDO and DOC?

PDO and DOC are terms that convey information to the public about the qualities and characteristics of a certain product.
PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is used within the EU, and is associated with food products (e.g. cheese, vinegar, prosciutto, etc.) and beverages (e.g. wine). PDO communicates that the product originates from a certain place, region or, in exceptional cases, country. Furthermore, the product has qualities or characteristics that depend essentially or exclusively on a particular geographical environment and its inherent natural and human factors, and its production takes place in that defined geographical area.
For wines, in Italy PDOs are classified as DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) and DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata Garantita).

Is it possible to register a geographical indication as a trademark?

PDO/PGI products may be the subject of collective marks, i.e. registered trademarks held, as such and by definition, by protection consortia or in any case by associations of producers, manufacturers, etc.

Is it possible to protect a traditional recipe?

Yes, under certain conditions EU law allows the protection of a term designating a traditional production method or a traditional recipe (TSG - Traditional Specialities Guaranteed). For example, Italy’s world famous “mozzarella” is protected in this way, as is the Italian speciality of “vincisgrassi alla maceratese”, a dish from the province of Macerata that has been part of the local tradition for more than 80 years, and whose recipe includes specific ingredients and has been handed down through oral tradition.