Online brand protection strategy through searches and monitoring not only of domain names but also of trademarks, products and models on various channels, including websites, social media, blogs and forums, e-commerce sites, marketplaces, price engine portals, shops and online auctions

Monitoring and analysis to detect improper online uses of your brand, such as the sale of counterfeit or unfairly competing products, copyright infringement, incorrect sales prices and unfair sales promotions and any other content that may cause reputational damage to your company

Legal actions aimed at blocking improper initiatives by third parties, sending targeted and timely warnings and defending your online presence, also thanks to the synergy of professionals with integrated technical, IP and legal expertise

Web watching to monitor the web presence of your signs


  • Web pages’s URL
  • Web pages’s content
  • Web page
  • E-commerce
  • Market place
  • Social media
  • Online auction


  • Unauthorized use
  • Online copyright infringement
  • Counterfeit
  • Unfair competition
  • Reputational damage


  • Abuses management
  • Sending warnings
  • Legal opinions in and out of court litigation

The phenomena of online counterfeiting and abuse are on the rise.
Tracking down and blocking the misuse of your brand is crucial, and is possible by putting in place effective “sentinels” capable of monitoring and analysing both individual indexed pages and the content placed within them, to know what they say.

With an effective online brand protection strategy and constant monitoring of the web according to your needs, you can therefore:

  • Defend yourself against the threat of imitations, fraud and counterfeiting
  • Protect your brand reputation online
  • Immediately prevent third parties from intercepting your web traffic and diverting your customers’ searches to other websites or e-commerce portals and profiting financially in your stead
  • Ensure that your business partners always comply with your guidelines: your affiliates’ digital channels must be consistent with your brand experience

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A customer reported that they had been swindled by a counterfeit website selling products with my trademark. What can I do?

In order to prevent the website from continuing to defraud customers, there are several actions you can take. In fact, you can request that it be shut down by sending warnings to the various parties involved, from the owner of the website to the owner of the website hosting company.

Is it possible to monitor the sale of my products in various marketplaces (e.g. Amazon) and the prices they charge?

Monitoring the sale of your products in marketplaces is not only possible but also highly recommended as it is also strategic for your company’s sales department.
In fact, this type of analysis allows you to both identify all the ads that feature your trademark and to analyse their content.
This analysis allows you to measure both brand reputation and protection and the distribution of your products.
Indeed, among other things, monitoring marketplaces allows you to check how your sales network works, check the prices that are charged and identify any counterfeit products or unauthorised distributors.
You can do all this at a global level. In fact, searches can be performed both for the marketplaces most popular in the West (e.g. Amazon and eBay) and for the more “distant” marketplaces popular in Asia such as Alibaba and Tencent. The latter are growing steadily and present a high level of risk for fraud and counterfeiting, not to mention difficulties in policing them without the appropriate expertise.

Is it possible to identify the presence and mentions of my trademark on social media to analyse when and how it is mentioned?

Yes, it is possible to monitor social media. In fact, with a well-implemented online brand protection strategy you can monitor both the main social media sites for posts where your brand appears and analyse how your brand or products are talked about on pages and posts. This type of analysis thus allows you to get some initial feedback on how they are present on the web and on your brand’s online reputation. They are also useful and strategic searches to detect any unauthorised use of your trademark.

I would like to register a user name corresponding to my trademark on Facebook and Instagram, but it has already been used by others. Can I get them back?

On social networks, user names are created in the moment they are requested and cannot be reserved. Trademark infringement exists if there is a use of the name, logo or other protected material in a way that is likely to confuse or mislead people about the brand.
A user name can only be recovered if certain conditions are met. Facebook and Instagram can in fact delete a user name and thus make it available when the user name is identical or similar to a registered trademark and is used without the authorisation of the actual trademark owner for commercial purposes, thus potentially confusing consumers about the origin of goods and services.
Therefore, for social networks there is no infringement if the use has nothing to do with the product or service the registered trademark was issued for.
In sum, if specific conditions are met, with the relevant notifications and proof that you are the owner of the trademark whose “user name” you want, and that you have an appropriately registered trademark, it is possible to recover the user name.