For more than 35 years, Mondial Marchi has been involved in the international management and protection of distinctive marks for businesses

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of intellectual property law and targeted professional specialisation in IP, we can assist clients in planning their strategies for establishing and defending exclusive rights, maximising the value of their intangible assets and handling national, European and international issues.

Who we work with

We support our customers by declining the service according to their needs and dimensions, in a personalized and tailor-made way

Each day we strive to work alongside them, create long-lasting relationships and provide adequate support with high standards of specialisation

Our customised approach to each client, based on knowledge of the client’s working environment and in-person meetings, allows us to best meet each specific need and provide highly-specialised and targeted advice with professionalism, expertise and dedication

We have grown together with the companies we work with, and from our two offices in Veneto and Emilia Romagna we are able to obtain and protect exclusive rights in Italy, Europe and throughout the world: indeed, we are a local service but with a global reach

Our work is to help develop and defend that of our clients

How we can help you

We are proud to stand alongside creators, people who believe in their ideas and thrive on innovation, development and creativity

  • 1
    Passion for one’s craft

    We support people who believe in their ideas and want to protect and promote them

  • 2
    Local presence and global outlook

    We grow alongside those clients who believe in the value of their local community, projecting their work worldwide

  • 3
    Projection towards the challenges of the future

    We work with people who are always looking ahead to seize new opportunities

  • 4
    Study and cooperation to find solutions

    We are committed to constant training to successfully take on competitive challenges

Protecting your trademarks and style is our priority.

Lino Corridola | Founder



Do you want to promote and protect your ideas and your business?

We can help you protect your intangible value and gain a strong competitive advantage