Well-developed protection and filing strategy for your brand and products from a defensive perspective, in order to prove that you own the rights to your creations

Analysis of markets of interest, searches, surveillance and targeted anti-counterfeiting actions to protect your brand and products against unlawful conduct that can harm you

Customised and targeted legal support, assessing the most effective actions and defining the most advantageous line of defence based on your objectives

There are some features that can make you suspicious on online shopping, often attributable to counterfeiting


Lower prices than those in brand shop or in official website


Descriptions with expressions “in the style of” or “look alike”


Bad images, differences in logos, official images with different colors


Types of goods not authorized to be sold on the web


Customer reviews and forums mentioning counterfeits


Strange website names, spelling errors or automatic translations


Counterfeiting is the partial or total reproduction, imitation or use of an intellectual property right without having the right to do so. It is a danger for both the owner and the consumer and creates confusion between the imitated and the original product, which is why it is important to take action against it.

The fight against counterfeiting requires constant protection and monitoring. To defend your business against counterfeiting, it is first of all essential to prove that you own the rights to your creations.
You can do this by filing and registering them, whether they are trademarks, designs or copyrights.
Having a protection strategy and investing in constant monitoring and surveillance actions allows you to reduce the risk of illicit products on the market and the related damage – both economic and reputational – to your business in the short, medium and long term.

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We can help you with the anti-counterfeiting actions needed to defend your brand and products


What is unfair competition?

According to Article 2598 of the Italian Civil Code, unfair competition can take three different forms.
Acts of unfair competition are committed by those who:
1.  Use distinctive names or marks likely to cause confusion with distinctive names or marks legitimately used by others, or closely imitate the products of a competitor, or act by any other means in a manner likely to cause confusion with the products and business of a competitor.
2. Disseminate information and reviews about a competitor’s products and business that are likely to bring it into disrepute, or that appropriate the merits of a competitor’s products or business.
3. Make direct or indirect use of any other means not in accordance with the principles of professional propriety and capable of damaging the business of another (in other words, other acts of unfair competition not covered by the first two paragraphs).

How do I prevent others from copying my trademark or the shape of my products?

We advise implementing preventive defence strategies, e.g. by means of services monitoring registers and the internet, and to be ready to act with the various instruments provided for by the law (specifically, administrative, judicial and out-of-court remedies) when infringements of rights come to light.

If I find a mark that is the same as mine on the market, what can I do?

First of all, carry out all the appropriate documentary investigations. The assistance of a professional is crucial in this and subsequent phases. In light of the evidence gathered, and having verified the precedence of your rights, you can then take legal action to stop the infringement.