Well-planned protection and filing strategy to optimise investments and costs, based on a logic of gradual growth and taking into account the company’s overall vision and objectives

Support in the qualitative and economic promotion of your intellectual property rights, assessing the dynamics of your industry and the various regulations of the countries of interest

Creation of a strong and competitive IP rights portfolio on which to implement effective protection strategies at a global level, also thanks to a network of IP lawyers and advisers with extensive knowledge of the legal instruments available in various foreign countries

Creation of a strong and competitive IP rights portfolio on which to implement effective protection strategies at a global level

The complexity of Intellectual Property law issues both in Italy and abroad requires integrated specialised expertise capable of devising an effective protection strategy combining the rigour required by law with the pragmatism of business.

Each company defines its brand positioning in the competitive environment and its development goals in national and international markets.
To achieve these goals, it’s important that you have an effective strategy to protect your IP portfolio, to protect its value, to gain a competitive advantage and to promote your investments in the trademark, innovation and business development.

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How can we protect the use of our trademark?

To protect the use of your trademark, it’s necessary to promptly file it with the competent offices so it can be registered.
Registration gives trademark owners the exclusive right of use as well as the tools for defending the registered asset that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to implement.

How can I know that a trademark hasn’t already been registered by someone else?

It’s necessary to make targeted prior art searches in the trademark registers of the offices where you intend to file your trademark.
The result of such searches must then be carefully examined by comparing the mark chosen as one’s own with identical marks already filed and/or registered by others in connection with the goods and/or services of interest.
It’s also necessary to thoroughly assess those marks that, while not identical, are similar in order to avoid future conflicts.

What strategy can I adopt to protect my products against misuse by others?

First of all, it’s necessary to invest in specifically-designed and effective surveillance systems to promptly identify misuse of your trademark, and then take action to defend your interests.
Depending on your needs, surveillance services can be activated on the registries of interest and on the market, online and via customs offices. The choice of the most appropriate surveillance system(s) should be made at an early stage after assessing your situation and needs.