Protection and safeguarding of Intellectual Property
for companies that want to be unique

For more than 35 years Mondial Marchi has been involved in the international management and protection of distinctive trademarks for businesses.

We support our customers by declining the service according to their needs and dimensions, in a personalized and tailor-made way

Medium-sized and large companies

Strategic asset portfolio management
Support for marketing and legal departments

Small enterprises and farms

Protection strategy support
External IP office

Start-ups and individual trademark owners

Planning the strategy for the establishment and defence of exclusive rights

Protection consortia

Designation protection strategy
External IP office

Communication agencies and designers

Synergy in the choice of naming, trademarks, designs and domain

IP professionals in other countries (EU/Non-EU)

IP compliance management in accordance with Italian and EU regulations

Legal and Tax Consultancy Firms

Synergy for the defence and protection of trademarks and designs
Support for IP due diligence

Do you want to promote and protect your distinctive trademarks?

We can help you protect your intangible value and gain a strong competitive advantage