Support in managing relations with customs controls authorities to detect and stop counterfeit goods that may damage the company in various markets

Management of trademark registration applications with the customs authority of the country to be monitored, taking into account the specific customs laws of each nation

Support in customs matters at Italian, European and international levels, also thanks to foreign professionals with specific expertise in the relevant laws of their countries

Targeted actions are needed to detect and reduce the spread of counterfeit goods

The counterfeiting of trademarks, designs and products is damaging to your company in both economic and reputational terms and can pose a serious risk to customers buying an unsafe product.

Stopping the flow of counterfeit goods – especially internationally – is not easy and requires synergy with customs control authorities and targeted systemic anti-counterfeiting actions.
The legal complexities and specificities of individual states also require extensive expertise to coordinate effective controls and actions.

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How are customs controls implemented in different countries?

In order to activate customs controls, it is first necessary to identify the individual country whose customs you want to engage, and then to proceed with targeted actions in that country. In fact each country has its own specific legislation on the subject.

What is the territorial reach of customs authorities’ actions?

Actions may be national or EU-wide, in which case the state(s) where intervention is sought must be specified.

What is the purpose of the customs authority’s action?

The aim is to block the release of or detain goods suspected of infringing an industrial property right, and if possible, to destroy them.

When do customs authorities intervene?

Customs authorities intervene when, during control of goods declared for release for free circulation, export or re-export or introduced into or leaving the territory of the European Community, there is a suspicion that they infringe an industrial property right.
If a request is submitted, intervention is mandatory.

Why register your trademark with the Chinese General Administration of Customs (GAC)?

Registering your trademark with Chinese customs prevents counterfeit goods from circulating within the Chinese territory or leaving its borders.
The purpose of registering with customs is to stop goods of dubious origin. In case of doubt, the customs authorities seize the goods under examination by the legitimate trademark owner.

How long does registration with Chinese customs last?

The duration is one year from the date of approval of the GAC registration and is linked to the renewal of the trademark for which registration is sought.