Integrated management of your domain nameS portfolio, from registration to monitoring and renewal, as part of an overall protection strategy coordinated with all your other distinctive business marks

Identification and selection of globally-available extensions of your internet domain according to your business sector and foreign markets of interest, and technical support for global registration, including through a network of foreign IP professionals

Defensive online brand protection strategy to protect you against the pitfalls and dangers of the internet: novelty searches and surveillance to constantly monitor registrations or domains of potentially malicious third parties and the necessary actions to take

A domain name strategy requires timely actions and several phases of action


  • Searches by identity
  • Searches by owner


  • Domain choice
  • Choice of generic extensions
  • Choice of geographical extensions


  • Portfolio management
  • Renewal
  • Hosting management and redirection
  • Activation of email addresses
  • Verifying and updating ownership data


  • Surveillance
  • Web watching


  • DPML e DPML+
  • TMCH
  • Adultblock / Pornoblok


  • Backorder
  • Purchase domain name 
  • Reminder
  • Reassignment procedure
  • Litigation

DPML/DPML PLUS (Domains Protected Marks List) REGISTRATION

  • DPML
  • DPML+


  • Blocking domain registrations with adult entertainment-related extensions corresponding to registered trademarks
  • Blocking to registration in such extensions of websites with inappropriate and reputational harmful content

A domain name is the web address that allows your customers to reach your website.
It is unique and a true distinctive mark to be included in your company’s asset protection strategy.

It is essential to define strategic and brand-consistent internet domains, check whether and with which extensions – both generic and geographical – they are available, register them and then protect them.
Implementing an effective domain name protection strategy also means actively monitoring registrations of identical or similar internet domains by third parties and any unlawful use thereof. This reduces the risk of traffic to your website being “diverted” to other similar web domains that want to take advantage of your hard-earned reputation.

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I have registered my trademark. Is there a service to buy the corresponding domain name if it is already owned by someone else?

It’s possible to monitor domain names registered by others in order to see if they are renewed when they expire. If a name isn’t renewed, after a designated period of time a request for registration of the domain name can be submitted.

What are the characteristics of the perfect domain?

On a commercial level, the “ideal” domain is a short domain name that corresponds to your trademark. This kind of domain name allows consumers to locate the business they are looking for quickly and easily.

Can I prohibit a third party from using a domain name that’s the same as my registered trademark?

If a website is associated with a domain name where a business that is identical or similar to yours is carried out, under certain conditions it is possible to intervene to prohibit the confusing use of the name.