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The greatest threats to a company’s IP assets often arise from the misappropriation of know-how, leaks and the behaviour of parties who deal with the company and with whom there are no proper binding IP contracts.

The proper management and updating of intellectual property contracts with agents, suppliers, contractors, distributors and customers enables the protection and promotion of the company’s intangible assets and helps to avoid possible future disputes between the parties regarding licences, research and development, confidentiality, supplies and business relations.
A customised contract, which takes into account the specific needs of the parties and the unique characteristics of the given situation, helps to fully define the relationship between the parties and prevent possible future conflicts.

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What is a trademark assignment contract?

A trademark may be freely transferred to others in whole or in part (for part of the goods and/or services) by an agreement between living persons or via succession at death.
The assignment contract is the agreement made between the party wishing to transfer the trademark and the party wishing to become its owner.

What is the purpose of a trademark licence contract?

The owner, while retaining ownership, may grant the full or partial use of its trademark to third parties.
A licence contract is an agreement between parties aimed at regulating the right to use the trademark in several different respects. For instance, in the contract the parties stipulate the subject matter, duration, territorial scope, exclusivity or non-exclusivity of use, consideration, respective obligations and warranties or limitations of use.

Once I have drawn up the contract for the assignment/licence of a trademark or design suited to my needs, is it also necessary to register it in the public registers?

This kind of registration is an administrative formality that, in the case of an assignment contract, makes the change of ownership of the trademark or design/model known to third parties.
In the case of a licence agreement, it discloses the fact that the use of the trademark or design is licensed to one or more parties.
In Italy, registration is not mandatory, but it is recommended if one intends to make such facts enforceable against third parties.

What happens if, once the assignment/licence agreement is concluded, I don’t register it?

Italian law provides for a system of preference for the first to register a document, which prevails over other possible assignees.
Therefore, in the event of a conflict between several buyers of the same industrial property right and the same owner, the first to register the purchase document is preferred.