IP due diligence and analysis of the IP portfolio during extraordinary corporate transactions (sales, acquisitions, mergers etc.) to identify critical issues and risks that require additional and specific guarantees

Valuation of IP assets for ordinary business needs or licensing for the promotion of intangible assets and their appraisal

Synergies with national tax consultants and international IP professionals for integrated economic valuations and assessments, including of complex IP portfolios

Una IP Due Diligence è uno strumento utile all'impresa per la valorizzazione dei suoi asset


We define the scope of analysis and the objectives of the IP Due Diligence


We carry out research and analysis on the registration status of the IP portfolio


We identify critical issues and risks that require additional and specific guarantees


We deliver you a report of the IP Due Diligence analysis carried out on IP portfolio


Synergies with tax and legal consultants for integrated economic valuations

An IP portfolio can have considerable capacity to generate value. IP due diligence makes it possible to gather complete, up-to-date information on the health of assets and to identify strengths and weaknesses, both in the conduct of ordinary business and for extraordinary transactions or credit applications.

The objective of the due diligence of Intellectual Property rights is to verify the validity of the rights of different IP assets by identifying any critical issues that may affect their validity or jeopardise their ownership.
And this can greatly affect their economic capitalisation.
For example, if it is found that a trademark is unregistered and thus only used as a de facto trademark, or its registration has expired, or there are other potentially conflicting distinctive marks or pending litigation, in the case of extraordinary transactions or the transfer of licences for use, this may significantly alter the basis for negotiation between transferor and transferee and the economic valuation of the intangible asset.

We support our customers by declining the service according to their needs and dimensions

Need to know the real value of an IP portfolio?

We analyse and verify the Intellectual Property rights in question for a proper valuation of the asset


What does due diligence consist of?

Due diligence consists of research, investigation and analysis regarding the validity of a trademark in terms of its absolute and relative requirements.

When is a due diligence opinion needed?

Due diligence is particularly recommended in the case of a trademark transfer: the transferor or transferee has every interest in understanding the characteristics of the trademark to be transferred (e.g. whether it is registered or not, what it’s registered for etc.) in order to make a targeted, informed choice.

Can due diligence affect the economic value of the trademark?

The information gathered during due diligence is compiled into an opinion by an expert trademark consultant, which will then form the basis of economic assessments by a tax expert. This synergistic legal/fiscal collaboration makes it possible to define the value of a trademark as a corporate intangible asset.