Support in the choice of a company name through prior art searches and checks on the legal validity of the various options, also working in synergy with communication agencies and legal and tax consultants to choose the new company identity

Searches and surveillance to monitor the business registers of Italian Chambers of Commerce to identify any new registered companies, or subsequent changes thereto, with names identical or similar to your trademarks that may create a risk of confusion

Legal support to defend company names against possible use of other’s trademarks that may cause confusion, also considering potential company developments both in terms of subject matter and territorial expansion

The company name is a distinctive sign, must be not confusable with past signs, and takes precedence over any potentially confusable future signs

The company name is a distinctive mark as it is the name under which the businessperson conducts business. It is an exclusive right that needs to be protected against unfair competition that could create confusion.

Choosing the right name for your company is strategic in the business creation process: the name chosen makes it uniquely recognisable on the market. 
Thanks to specialised professional support, you can choose a name that is both commercially effective and legally strong.
The protection of this distinctive mark is enforced both by preventing the adoption of company names that are the same as the trademarks of others and by considering the potential developments of companies in terms of purpose and possible territorial expansion.

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We can help you identify and protect your name according to the criteria of registrability and novelty


I have to register a trademark. Should I register it in my company’s name?

Anyone can be the owner of a trademark, but under certain conditions it may be advisable to register it in the name of the company. 
For example, this way the trademark becomes a corporate intangible asset (and not a mere right of use licensed from a different party).
This becomes important, for example, when selling the business. Furthermore, if there are several shareholders, the trademark in the name of the legal entity allows for greater clarity in the relationship and management of the asset. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that funding for the promotion of industrial property is generally granted to legal entities (SMEs) owning trademark applications/registrations.

Can companies interfere with trademarks?

Under certain conditions, yes. 
In fact, by law it is prohibited to adopt a mark that is equal or similar to an already registered trademark as a company name if the identity or similarity of the business and the goods/services for which the trademark is adopted poses a potential risk of confusion/association for the public. 

I have to set up my own company: if I use my surname, what risks do I run? 

If your surname corresponds to a registered trademark or, under certain conditions, even if it is only used in connection with products/services that are the same as or similar to those of the corporate purpose, the owner of the existing trademark may object to the use of its trademark as a company name.